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The Clock Doc has been a family owned and run business for many years. Our main interest is clock and watch repairs and restorations. Our motto is “If it ticks, we can fix”. The reason for the motto is that so far, there has been no clock that we couldn’t fix. From the tower clocks, the McClintock street clocks such as the one owned by the city of Seminole, Texas to small desk clocks with the electric motors. Including but not limited to all antique and modern clocks, specialty clocks like the famous Atmos, the complicated Cuckoo, annd the sensitive Anniversary.

At the Clock Doc, we are equipped with all the machinery to make our own parts for clocks that are so old that many clock makers will tell you, “it can’t be fixed”. If you’ve heard that before, give us a try and let us show you what we can do. We can make anything from the largest gear to the smallest shoulder screw or even the tiny balance staff for a watch.

The Clock Doc is not a repair and restoration outfit as a sideline; it is our main and only interest. Of course, we have few select antique clocks for sale, but these are consignment items that owners either can’t wind anymore or they moved to smaller quarters that can’t handle their heirlooms.

Recently, the Clock Doc moved to a larger and more permanent location at 3534-34th street in Lubbock -a building that is one of the most secure in this town, making sure that your clock or watch is in as safe a place as there is available. We have security cameras, monitored alarm and heavy iron bars on all doors and windows and in the concrete walls. The building is easy to find, especially with the huge working and very accurate six foot clock that we built on top of the building.

Our service and reputation is second to none; we take care of our customers and guarantee our work unconditionally. If we restore your clock and two months later the spring breaks, then we will change it for free although we have no control over springs. Our guarantee is for one year and we are known to guarantee clocks for much longer.

All our in-house estimates are free and we also do house calls. Although we try to limit our house calls to seventy to eighty mile radius we have done house calls in cities as far as Amman, Jordan, Antalia, Turkey, Cairo, Egypt and Nazareth, Israel. Here in the U.S.A as far as Arizona, Oklahoma and Atlanta. We have also received clocks for repair from almost every state of the union.

Some of the staff at the Clock Doc have received their extensive training in watch and clock repairs at one of the most prestigious clock schools in the world: mainly in Vienna, Austria and have worked at some of the clock factories in the Black Forrest in Germany. They still travel to both countries periodically for refresher courses and to check on new developments in the business.

In the watch department, we have two watch makers with a combined seventy seven years in business. We can take care of anything from the Rolex and Cartier to the quartz. We have a specialty in pocket watches of all makes and ages, including the largest selection of watch crystals both in glass or no break. We also have the largest inventory of watch parts for those antiques such as the Bulovas, Walthams, Elgins and much, much more.

Again, with a warranty like ours, you have nothing to worry about, specifically, being charged again after you have paid once, so come on down and see us.




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